Waste Management Services

We aim to address the unique needs of every customer through fully customised energy-efficient solutions, and provide lasting value in our services to commercial and industrial enterprises looking to efficiently manage their general waste resources in cost-effective yet highly ethical and environmentally beneficial ways.

Value creation

Our three-pronged waste solutions aim to maximise environmental, economic, and social welfare. We believe a transparent and value-based approach is key to building successful partnerships with our clients. With this in mind, our experienced professionals will provide careful evaluation of your needs before recommending a custom solution tailored to suit your needs and minimise environmental impact.

Proven track record

Our track record serves as testimony of SMCI Group’s high level of standards and credibility. We have delivered solutions for many commercial and industrial organisations around the world, and is the industry leader designated for commercial and industrial waste collection in Malaysia, working closely with the Department of Environment every year to increase public awareness on e-waste.
Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

Key features

  • On-site resources and in-house assets
  • Our biggest advantage lies in our full range of dedicated resources, from manpower to facilities and equipment. Our regional and global network comprise of a more than 600 strong team of skilled individuals, committed to the operations of many divisions around the world.
  • With a fleet of collection vehicles and integrated processing plants, our on-site resources and in-house assets give us speed to market and every tool we need at hand.
  • Keeping abreast of waste management technologies allows us to coordinate the full spectrum of end-to-end services; from pre-site assessment to the processing of discarded materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals, hazardous and toxic materials.
  • Our in-house capabilities translate into lower costs and minimal turnaround time for you.
  • Our extensive range of in-house resources such as analysis equipment & laboratories, furnaces & kilns, pollution control (dust collectors, wet scrubbers & waste water treatment plants), balers and crushers, strippers & granulators, forklifts & backhoe significantly removes the risks of coordinating with third-party service providers, allowing for greater control within one unified network and the quickest turnaround times to meet your needs.
  • Transparency and customer engagement
  • We want you to know what we are doing with your materials. To do so, our team has been trained to keep you fully informed through every phase of waste processing and to update you on the latest industrial regulations and licenses available to ensure your full assurance in our services. We provide detailed tracking of sources, processes, and records of raw material transactions to insure you of any legal concerns. We are there with you every step of the way.
  • Licensed handling
  • As commercial and industrial waste grow in quantity and the process of managing these discarded materials increase in complexity, the risks of mismanagement increase and hold great impact on our health and the environment. To prevent mishandling of these dangerous materials, strict regulations have been imposed to ensure that only the most trustworthy and reliable corporations are licensed to operate.We are proud to be the market leader and one of the primary certified establishments in the region licensed to handle general waste management.
  • Safety and sustainability
  • Maintaining an environmental conscience is an integral aspect of our business. To support the increasing global focus on environmental protection, we continuously pursue the development and execution of sustainable cost-effective waste management solutions, with the aim of building a mutually beneficial partnership that gives back to the environment.