Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals Management

Our years of experience and expertise in the complex management of certified ferrous and non-ferrous metals give our customers a distinct advantage in the market since we are well-positioned to provide professional advice and meet your needs for metal scrap disposal and handling.

Recycling metal scraps enables large-scale savings in the cost of raw materials

Ferrous metals include steel, iron and stainless steel, while non-ferrous metals include silver, aluminum, nickel, brass, copper, bronze, and many more types of alloys and mixed metals.

Our in-house capabilities minimise third-party costs which translates into long-term cost savings for you. We provide collection, sorting and segregation, shredding and shearing, media separation, shearing, baling, packaging, and exportation.

  • Licenses
  • We are licensed to collect, transport, process, and trade all metal scraps.
  • In Singapore, our processing plant is licensed with the Singapore Police Force to manage all metal scraps trading.
  • In Malaysia, we are licensed with the Malaysian Police for the management of general scraps, and are one of the rare companies in our industry to possess the license to handle and trade copper, tin, and lead scraps.
  • In Thailand, we are legally licensed for all scraps trading.
  • In China, our plants are authorised to handle non-ferrous metal scraps, and are certified specialists to handle copper, nickel, tin, and other precious metals
  • Safety and Sustainability
  • Before receipt, a thorough check of all materials designated to pass through our doors will be conducted. The source ID, movement, and ultimate disposition of every material we receive are strictly checked against legal regulations and documented in our records to ensure compliance with the laws.