Hazardous Waste Management

Toxic substances and industrial discarded material which contain chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, or dangerous toxins are required to be handled with special precaution due to the risks they pose to the environment and our health. As such, the management of these discarded materials is regulated and subject to the requirements of the environmental ministry in every country.SMCI is legally authorised to handle, transport, recover, and dispose of such commercial and industrial hazardous waste.

Handling over 20,000 tonnes of discarded materials each year

We are acutely aware of the importance of meeting industrial safety requirements and rigorously observe waste management protocols as mandated by the local laws where we operate.

From receipt to processing and recycling of waste materials, our complete range of resources and qualified pool of talents makes us the single trusted source for secure, authorised, and environmentally conscious complex waste management.


  • Certifications and Licenses
  • Licenses for the entire procedure of metal scrap management are extremely rare and difficult to obtain. This is where SMCI differentiates itself from its competitors.
  • SMCI is licensed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) in Singapore for the collection and management of general waste, solid lead oxide materials (solder waste and dross), and insulate cable scrap materials.
  • SMC Technology Sdn Bhd is registered with the Department of Environment (DOE) for the collection and management of solder dross, metals dross, metal sludge, paste contaminated materials, e-waste, and spent catalyst waste.
  • Our processing plant in Thailand is also registered with the Ministry of Industrial (MOI) for the collection and management of solder waste and printed circuit board scrap.
  • Safety and Sustainability
  • To ensure a great customer experience and a safe work environment for employees and the communities at large, our employees are trained in industrial standards of safety and best practices in handling and processing hazardous waste.
  • Our processing plants contain licensed and specialised equipment to dispose of hazardous materials with minimal environmental impact.Our diverse experience and years of credence in industrial safety and best practices insure our clients and develop their trust in our professional services.